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Size:S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL Fabric Material:65%Polyester+35%Cotton Colour:Black,Light Brown,Grey Blue Suitable Type:Fit Occasion:Leisure Pattern:Stripe Thickness:Moderation Label: Yes Package Included: 1 * Suit Please note: Thanks to your understanding, the size may be 2 cm / 1 inch inaccurate due to manual measurements.

Size Shoulder Bust Sleeve length Armhole Length
US/UK/AU Size cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch
S 46.5cm 18.31ʺ 115cm 45.28ʺ 61.25cm 24.11ʺ 43.5cm 17.13ʺ 72.8cm 28.66ʺ
M 48cm 18.90ʺ 120cm 47.24ʺ 62cm 24.41ʺ 45cm 17.72ʺ 74cm 29.13ʺ
L 49.5cm 19.49ʺ 125cm 49.21ʺ 62.75cm 24.70ʺ 46.5cm 18.31ʺ 75.2cm 29.61ʺ
XL 51cm 20.08ʺ 130cm 51.18ʺ 63.5cm 25.00ʺ 48cm 18.90ʺ 76.4cm 30.08ʺ
2XL 52.5cm 20.67ʺ 135cm 53.15ʺ 64.25cm 25.30ʺ 49.5cm 19.49ʺ 77.6cm 30.55ʺ
3XL 54cm 21.26ʺ 140cm 55.12ʺ 65cm 25.59ʺ 51cm 20.08ʺ 78.8cm 31.02ʺ
4XL 55.5cm 21.85ʺ 145cm 57.09ʺ 65.75cm 25.89ʺ 52.5cm 20.67ʺ 80cm 31.50ʺ
5XL 57cm 22.44ʺ 150cm 59.06ʺ 66.5cm 26.18ʺ 54cm 21.26ʺ 81.2cm 31.97ʺ
Size Waist
Before stretching
Aftere stretching
Hip Front Rise Back Rise Length
US/UK/AU Size cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch
S 82cm 32.28ʺ 106cm 41.73ʺ 116.5cm 45.87ʺ 36.9cm 14.53ʺ 47.1cm 18.54ʺ 104.5cm 41.14ʺ
M 87cm 34.25ʺ 111cm 43.70ʺ 121.5cm 47.83ʺ 37.5cm 14.76ʺ 48cm 18.90ʺ 106cm 41.73ʺ
L 92cm 36.22ʺ 116cm 45.67ʺ 126.5cm 49.80ʺ 38.1cm 15.00ʺ 48.9cm 19.25ʺ 107.5cm 42.32ʺ
XL 97cm 38.19ʺ 121cm 47.64ʺ 131.5cm 51.77ʺ 38.7cm 15.24ʺ 49.8cm 19.61ʺ 109cm 42.91ʺ
2XL 102cm 40.16ʺ 126cm 49.61ʺ 136.5cm 53.74ʺ 39.3cm 15.47ʺ 50.7cm 19.96ʺ 110.5cm 43.50ʺ
3XL 107cm 42.13ʺ 131cm 51.57ʺ 141.5cm 55.71ʺ 39.9cm 15.71ʺ 51.6cm 20.31ʺ 112cm 44.09ʺ
4XL 112cm 44.09ʺ 136cm 53.54ʺ 146.5cm 57.68ʺ 40.5cm 15.94ʺ 52.5cm 20.67ʺ 113.5cm 44.69ʺ
5XL 117cm 46.06ʺ 141cm 55.51ʺ 151.5cm 59.65ʺ 41.1cm 16.18ʺ 53.4cm 21.02ʺ 115cm 45.28ʺ